Rhonda-Marie Avery

Rhonda-Marie after her first solo lap on her first 100 mile run.

Rhonda-Marie after her first solo lap on her first 100 mile run.

Age: 35

Registered Massage Therapist

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Short Bio:
 Lover of the run on sentence. Stubborn determined legally blind ultra runner, long distance swimmer and tandem bike stoker. Small town girl, avid journey singer and disability advocate.

Favourite Activities: Secret foodie, closet knitter, practicing the fine art of attempting to sit still. Intermittent blogger. Salomon sponsored athlete. Mostly just ambitiously over setting the next goal to see what can actually be done.

Favourite Sport:

Least Favourite Sport:

What made you seek out coaching?

Having goals and committing to accomplishing them are the first easy steps… Knowing how to get there though, impossible without some other knowledgeable input. Coaching keeps me on track and level headed (or at least close to it!) Coaching bridges the gap between dreams and reality.

: What were/are they? How did/are things go(ing) for you?
Last years goals were a 13k opened water swim (tethered to a guide), 500km tandem bike tour, and 100mile run. They went great! This year the goal is to return to Boston and to run end to end on the Bruce trail (some 900km). If anyone can get me there it’s BMC!

Other Words:
 BMC rocks my world. My goals were never laughed at. My training was kept on track despite chaos in my life. My coach was very approachable and excellent at adjusting to keep me on task. He knew when to push and when to suggest rest. I couldn’t have accomplished my goals without the kick ass BMCoaching.



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