Steve Mertz – Head Coach

Steve doing an adventure race.

Steve during an adventure race.

Steve Mertz was your typical computer nerd growing up.  Shunned sports in school, and preferred to game and fool around on the computer.  After college he got married and continued to live the sedentary life.  Once his weight got up towards 300 pounds and his size 44″ waist pants were too tight, that was enough.

In 2002 he bought a mountain bike.  He started riding it frequently building up stamina and fitness in and around the areas he lived.

In 2005, he got involved in adventure racing (multi sport off-road) where he was hooked immediately.  In 2006, he became a coach with Houston Fit Adventure Racing, helping to teach navigation with maps and compasses for the adventure race (see, very off-road!)

In 2007, he switched over to being a bike coach, where for the next 3 years he switched between helping the novice groups and the veteran groups get better at mountain biking. Also towards the end of 2007 he had reached a weight of 200 pounds which was much better than the 300, and down to a size 34″ waist.  Not too bad for this 6’6″ man.

In 2012 he started coaching several people helping them to achieve their goals in their different sports of choice.

In 2013 he created the Beast Mode Coaching team!

In addition to adventure racing, he’s done canoe, kayak, bike racing and triathlons.


Red Cross – Adult First Aid/CPR/AED (2012/05)
International Triathlon Coaching Association Certified (2012/07)

ITCA Certified

July, 2012


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