About Us

We believe everyone has a beast inside of them.  Yes, even you!

We started in 2012, training folks to bring out their inner beasts to meet their goals.  From 5k runs to 100 mile runs.  Long distance biking, to just learning some biking skills.  Everyone has something they want to achieve, and to do it, we bring out the beast in you!

How We Train People

We like to train people to have full body, functional fitness. This makes sure that you are fit and strong from head to toe. Not only does this help your chosen sport, but helps you avoid injuries and helps you in your daily life.  Things like playing with your kids, loosening that jar of pickles or even just lounging around become easier when you have full body, functional fitness.

Working with a coach, we will help you define your goals and what you are hoping to get out of working with a BMC coach. We will look at your past and present life style and get an idea of who you are and how best we can help you accomplish your goals.

Everyone is different. Everyone has a different story.  We work with each person as their own unique individual to come up with what will work best for them with their situations.

If you have any questions that are specific to your situation we will be more than happy discuss and see what we can do to help you out! Just drop us a note!

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